Mexico Territories

Luis Gerardo Olivo Garza

Industrial and System Engineer with over ten years of experience in different IT areas, supporting Sales, and Finance projects among Mexico and US. Born and raised in Monterrey Mexico allowed him to adapt to the culture from first hand. Having lived most of his life there, he was capable to learn how to develop strong relationships with others from his own culture, understanding their wants and needs in an effective manner. Because of the closeness and influence that the US has over Monterrey he became interested in learning a new language to succeed further in his career. Upon completion of his bachelor degree in 2004 he started working in different small companies to acquire more experience in the field; he then took a job which would permit him to move to the US. In 2010 he was given the opportunity to work as a Project Manager in Wisconsin for a food packaging company where he was able to assist in different production and sales projects. Soon afterward, his extensive expertise in the sales area allowed him to get a job offer in Phoenix supporting new initiatives. During his stay in Phoenix he obtained his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in Arizona in 2014. His whole experience gave him a deep appreciation on how to work with different cultures to improve the quality of life on both ends.